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The Seattle Animal Shelter takes in thousands of stray and owner-surrendered animals each year. Many of these animals are in need of a new start, lots of love and often significant vet and behavioral care. To provide care for these sick, injured and abused animals, the Seattle Animal Shelter created the Help the Animals Fund (HTAF) in 1977.

As the Seattle Animal Shelter’s veterinary needs expanded, volunteers started the Furry 5K in 1999 to raise funds for and promote awareness for the Help the Animals Fund. All proceeds from the Furry 5K directly support the Help the Animals Fund. Veterinary care needs continue to expand, and last year the Help the Animals Fund paid for over $140,000 worth of veterinary bills.

See below for Wonder’s story, just one example of how the Help the Animals Fund helped to save a life.

Rescuing Wonder

In November 2014, Wonder was found on a balcony on a closed construction site. He had been purposely locked outside in the cold to starve, freeze and die — scared, helpless and alone.

Luckily, a construction worker found him and called the Seattle Animal Shelter, and we immediately came to his rescue. The Help the Animals Fund helped to get him the veterinary care he so desperately needed. When he was ready, he went to the home of one our amazing volunteer foster families, who helped him to slowly put on much needed weight. And when the time was right, we placed him in his forever home, where is now a loved and cherished family member.

Thanks to the Help the Animals Fund, Seattle Animal Shelter’s staff and volunteers and the family who gave him a home, Wonder’s life was saved.

See Wonder’s story in this Q13 Fox News report.

How You Can Help

Please consider making an additional donation to the Help the Animals Fund when you register online for the Furry 5K this year.

You can also encourage friends and family to donate to this exceptionally worthy cause with your own fundraising page.

If your company has a matching gift program, make sure to find out how you can maximize your donation to the Help the Animals Fund!

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